Tomales deli
and cafe


Basic Breakfast

Served with your choice of meat or veggies: bacon, ham, sausage patty, side of avocado or cottage cheese. 

Eggs, bacon, potatoes & toast 8.00


Served with Toast, your choice of potatoes, hashbrowns or cottage cheese

Ham & Cheese 9.50,  

Veggie with cheese 9.50

Chorizo Scramble 9.00,  

Denver Omlette 9.50

Add Cheese .50, Add Diced ham 1.00

Add Veggies .75

New York Steak and Eggs 11.99

with grilled potatoes and toast

Marin McMuffin (breakfast sandwich) 5.99

Served on a large English Muffin

Egg (fried or scrambled), Meat (Bacon, ham

or sausage), Cheese (your choice)

Pancakes with Bacon & Eggs 8.00

Vanilla French Toast with Eggs & choice

of Meat (bacon, sausage or ham) 8.00

Steak Bagel with Egg & Cheese 6.50

Toasted Bagel with cream cheese 3.50

All seed, whole grain, plain, sesame,

parmesan, cinnamon raisin


DELI SALADS   (made from scratch)

Potato Salad     ½ pint 3.50 pint 5.00

Macaroni Salad

Chicken Ensalada   ½ pint 4.25   pint 5.99

(Diced chicken, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, corn)

Shrimp Salad   ½ pint 4.50   pint 7.00   ­     

Chicken Salad ½ pint 3.99    pint 5.99

Tuna Salad

Egg Salad



 Our Mixed Spring Greens can also be topped with: chicken salad or tuna salad or egg salad

Fresh shrimp salad over Mixed Spring Greens with tomato, cucumber an onion, lightly dressed virgin olive oil and lime 9.00

Spinach Salad topped with grilled chicken,

with caramelized walnuts, dried cranberries

with light balsamic dressing on side 8.50

Add bacon 1.00, Add Feta cheese 1.00

Pear & Pecan, Blue Cheese Salad with raspberry chipotle vinaigrette 7.50

Chicken Caesar Salad 8.50




Stemple Burger 8.00

(local organic grass fed) 

with the works: mayo, mustard, ketchup, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles

Add Cheese .50           Add Bacon 1.00


Jared's Veggie Burger 8.50

Grilled veggie burger (spicy or mild) with avocado, tomato and lettuce on a Ciabattta roll with Chipotle pesto Add Cheese .50




Artichoke Pesto Chicken Sandwich 8.75

Fresh skinless grilled chicken on a Ciabatta roll with parmesan & provolone, artichoke pesto, mayo, lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles

Organic Roasted Lamb Sandwich 9.00

Thinly sliced lamb on a sweet French roll with grilled onions, tomato, pepperoncini & horseradish mayo 

Add Feta cheese .50

Vilma's Sandwich 8.75

Shredded pork, salsa verde, jack cheese, cilantro pesto, tomato, mayo on a Ciabatta roll

The Ultimate Tuna Melt 8.50

LOCAL Albacore Tuna, cheddar, avocado & sprouts on toasted rye

Tri-tip Sandwich 9.00

Tri-tip Steak on a sourdough roll with garlic butter, grilled onions, mushrooms, horseradish sour cream spread

Add Cheese .50

Tangy Turkey 7.00

Hot Turkey, Swiss, lettuce, tomato, mayo & our home-made raspberry chipotle vinaigrette

Thanksgiving on a Roll 8.00

Hot turkey, stuffing, cranberry & mayo on a grilled sweet french roll

Chicken Cordon Bleu 9.00

Grilled chicken, ham, parmesean and swiss, oil and vinegar, lettuce, tomato on Ciabatta roll

Summer Sandwich 8.25

Diced chicken ensalada with lettuce, tomato, onion & corn served on a toasted sweet roll with avocado, jack cheese and honey mustard

Chicken Bruschetta Sandwich 8.50

Grilled chicken breast (or fried chicken patty), on a sour roll with basil pesto, capers, garlic, tomato, virgin olive oil

Add cheese .50

Fresh Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich 7.00

lettuce, tomato, pickles, onion, mayo, mustard

Add Cheese .50          Add Bacon 1.00

 Veggie Sandwich 7.00 

Cheese (your choice), Bread (your choice),

mayo, mustard, marinated mushrooms, sprouts, cucumber, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles

Add Avocado   $1.00

Wild Alaskan Salmon Burger 8.75

On a seeded or onion bun with provolone, artichoke hearts, lemon aioli, lettuce & tomato

Fresh Shrimp Salad Sandwich 8.50

On a toasty garlic roll with tomato & cucumber

Chicken Rancher 8.50  

Grilled chicken breast (or fried chicken patty), bacon, ranch dressing, lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles

Add Cheese .50

French Dip Sandwich 9.00

Tri-Tip steak, Swiss, grilled onions on a sourdough roll with garlic butter & au jus

Philly Cheese Steak 8.50

Steak, grilled onion, peppers, jack cheese on a sourdough roll


Hot Reuben Sandwich

with Corned Beef or Pastrami 8.25

with Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, 

1,000 island dr.

 Carnitas on Ciabatta 8.75

with chipotle, pesto, mayo, grilled onions, avocado, choice of cheese, lettuce & tomato

Meatball Sandwich 8.50

With sautéed onions, mushrooms, provolone, marinara sauce on a toasted garlic buttered roll

New York Steak Sandwich 10.99

on a sourdough roll with garlic butter, grilled mushrooms and onions

Add Cheese .50


with cheese, onions & sour cream 5.00

Chicken Quesadilla with cheese, onions 8.00

Add Avocado 1.00




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